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The interaction between our genes and our environment is what determines whether we’re healthy or sick.

Our genes are the gun, lifestyle is the trigger. 


Learning about your genetics enables you to optimize your health. It will take us decades to understand all 3bn base pairs in the human genome, but today we already know what thousands of important genetic differences mean for individuals.


For example, some genetic variants can be informative about one's risk for Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. While effective medical interventions might not exist today to reverse those diseases, individuals might opt to make choices based on that knowledge – have children earlier, or retire sooner. The knowledge might also spur lifestyle changes that could help mitigate the effects or stave off the onset of certain and unwanted diseases. If you find out that you are genetically at a higher risk for Parkinson's disease. That information can influence you to exercise more, moderate his diet and drink coffee – to alter your lifestyle choices that research shows could decrease your risk.  


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Genetics are a nice piece of a puzzle to have. Genetic knowledge can help me understand the risk of specific health issues and give me information on how to use nutrition and supplementation to thwart unwanted symptoms of these issues.


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