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Best Holistic Health Practitioner in Arlington TX

What is a Holistic Health Practitioner?

A Holistic Health Practitioner is one who supports health and the body in a holistic way, the body in its entirety rather than treating a symptom, condition, illness, or lab result. Holistic practitioners provide comprehensive treatments covering the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health.

While holistic practices are often confused with alternative treatments, this isn’t exactly the case. Holistic medicine and treatment emphasize an integrative approach, combining complementary and alternative medicine with traditional treatments. Holistic practices include different modalities, changes in diet, or supplementation and do not interfere with conventional treatment or ‘cancel out’ conventional medicine.

As people are beginning to recognize the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit they are understanding the importance of treating the whole person rather than separate body parts. This is what is referred to as the holistic approach. People are seeing the value in treating health conditions and issues with natural, integrative, and preventative methods. After all, I always say, you don’t have a headache because you are deficient in Motrin. Therefore, taking Motrin probably won’t prevent a headache and it does not get to the root cause or reason for the headache you already have.

With natural healing methods, an individual is not given medication to cure the symptom but will be looked at as a whole person. Diet, sleep habits, stress, and other lifestyle factors are all considered as the individual is seen as a person, not a disease.

There are two overwhelming benefits of working with Holistic or Natural Health Practitioners:

  1. Individual Accountability

  2. Education

Individual Accountability

Holistic Practitioners put the decisions and some of the responsibility in the hands of the patient. Empowering clients to embrace and sustain a healthy lifestyle and good behaviors to mitigate, reverse, and more importantly prevent acute and chronic conditions and or diseases. You are working with your practitioner, they are advising and guiding you as to what you need and what will work.


The other benefit to the client or patient is education. I educate my clients on how to eat and care for their bodies addressing their specific concerns and issues. This system of natural therapies along with health foundations can restore health and wellness by working with the body’s ability to self-heal. These health foundations such as exercise, sleep, hydration, and sunlight combined with diet, herbs, and natural supplements are recommended to find a healthy balance of homeostasis. We use forms of healing that take into consideration the whole person, mind, body, and emotions to bring balance and harmony to life. Natural health care practitioners and therapists may specialize in one modality or use a wide range of treatment approaches combined.

Natural medicine is continuing to gain greater acceptance as a result of increased self-investigation, interest and awareness of new research, and interest in the newest scientific information.

Reasons natural health is becoming popular:

  • A growing disillusionment with drugs and conventional medicine

  • Growing concern over the practices of big pharmaceutical companies and their research methods

  • A desire for medicines that come from nature and do not contain toxic or synthetic chemicals and additives

  • People want to work with their bodies enabling the body’s innate healing ability

  • Natural health looks at the whole person not just a specific condition or disease

  • There is a need to identify a possible underlying cause for the symptoms experienced

  • Encourage the promotion of sustainable continued health and prevention of disease

  • Natural medicines work well alongside other forms of medicine

  • Patients gain self-empowering, self-care practices to look after their own health

  • Patients receive quality time with a healthcare professional

The increase in the stresses of modern life has led to an impact on physical and mental health. More people are turning to natural, alternative, and complementary methods of healing, addressing health concerns and the desire to make changes in lifestyle to improve wellbeing and take charge of their health. Some turn to natural health as a last resort after trying drugs or surgery which has either not worked or resulted in side effects. Others make a lifestyle choice because they want to use natural approaches to healthcare as they are non-toxic and less invasive.

Take charge of your health naturally, work with Cami Grasher, Your Healhty Concepts Certified Holistic Health Practitioner in Arlington, Texas. Cami cares about your overall health and will work closely with you to restore balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.


Accepting New Clients!

Cami Grasher

Holistic Health Practitioner Arlington, Texas

Call or text (214) 558-0996

Your Healthy Concepts Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Board Certified Natural Health Professional, Board Certified Certified Functional Hormone Specialist, Nutritional Consultant, DUTCH Testing Interpreter, Certified Genetics Interpreter, and Certified Pilates Instructor

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