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What is clean eating?

The consequences of clean eating.

Eating clean is not a diet but rather a lifestyle. Over time it comes with consequences. The consequences of health, regaining real taste for food in its natural form and weight loss, that’s right weight loss. You will lose weight by eating potatoes instead of potato chips. Clean eating will also cost you less, less money, and less illness. It’s easier than you may think, when we talk about clean eating, we are referring to food closest to its natural state. For example, the difference between applesauce, apple pie, and eating a raw whole apple. In this case, the raw whole apple is an example of clean food or clean eating, apple sauce is processed and therefore modified nutritionally, and apple pie is, well, it's yummy but it’s yummy pollution. And I don’t think there’s any disputing, the apple cost less than either of the other two choices.

Clean eating isn’t difficult, I’ve always said if you have boiling water, you can eat healthy vegetables. Think of the vegetable you order at restaurants. Corn and Spinach are now creamed, and Brussel sprouts are roasted with oil butter, bacon, and cheese, but why? Let’s look at the Creamed spinach for example. It's swimming in butter, cream, salt, and yes, sugar. Sugar is added to almost all dishes to “balance out” the other flavors, in reality, this is to make sure the consumer is enjoying it. People no longer enjoy the real taste of spinach, so it must be dressed up for flavor. As a result, creamed spinach no longer tastes like spinach, it tastes like cream, and butter, and as a bonus to your sodium intake, it’s sprinkled with cheese to look pretty. It’s the same concept as eating a salad with cheese, bacon, and extra Ranch dressing. The lettuce is lost in the swimming pool of chemicals and has become lost and salad can no longer be tolerated as it was meant to be tasted.

Eating in its natural form is not something I refer to as a diet, it's eating correctly, and it's eating for health by way of nutrition. We should all be eating to live not living to eat.

If you’re ready to lose weight, get healthy, get your eating under control, taste food again, and get off the hamster wheel to nowhere of eating chemical-laden processed foods, feeling bad, and eating more of the same to feel better, call me (214) 558-0996 and together, we’ll come up with a personalized plan designed just for you.

Your Healthy Concepts is your fresh start to healthy living, mind, body & spirit!


Your Healthy Concepts

Cami Grasher Board Certified Nutritional Consultant Board Certified Natural Health Practitioner

(214) 558-0996

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