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Natural Weight Loss Program Arlington, TX

Weight loss is a complex issue. It can be as simple as what you eat versus what you expend or as complicated as a bodily system needing support such as adrenal health or thyroid repair.

Your Healthy Concepts Natural Weight Loss Program is specifically tailored to you.

Each person is different and requires different solutions according to their body type, lifestyle, existing health issues, etc. So not every program works for every person. This Weight Loss Program is designed just for you.

Your Weight Loss Journey Starts Here!

Discover personal, one on one support and guidance from an experienced, professional Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant using cutting-edge technology.

Effective Solutions for Weight Loss

In order to find effective solutions to manage a healthy weight naturally, we need to get to the root cause and the underlying issue(s) to find the appropriate, effective solution tailored just for you.

Your Healthy Concepts Natural Weight Loss Program closely examines your lifestyle and the support of your bodily systems to gain a full understanding of what is causing your imbalance.

How does it work?

  1. First, we start with an in-depth intake consultation. This usually takes 60 to 90 minutes depending on your situation.

  2. Once your intake is completed, Cami begins work on your specific plan.

  3. Within a week you receive your customized lifestyle and eating plan, along with supplementation advice.

  4. Then, we schedule your follow-ups every 4 weeks (initially).

Our wellness clients who have achieved their weight loss goals, and maintain them, follow up every 3 months for maintenance and supplementation adjustment along with a ZYTO Scan. This helps them maintain their ideal weight along with their overall health and wellness goals.

Your Healthy Concepts

Most people go through life trying extreme methods for weight loss and achieving zero results. At Your Healthy Concepts, Cami Grasher has made it her goal to apply her knowledge and education in Holistic Health to help people manage a healthy weight. Whether you need to lose a little weight or a lot of weight or even if you need help maintaining your existing weight naturally, Cami Grasher can help.

Invite Health & Wellness Into Your Life With Cami Grasher, Your Healthy Concepts


No matter what health challenge you are facing, you will not have to face it alone.

Call or text Cami Grasher to schedule your consultation at (214) 558-0996.

Your Healthy Concepts is conveniently located in

The Shoppes at Brownstone Village at 2410 W Abram, Ste 112 in Arlington, TX.

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